Over 60 years of presence in the Indian construction industry, enabled us to acquire the best technological and market knowledge when it comes to economic feasibility and implementation of construction technology in India.  i-MATIC is one of the ventures of Veerappan Ganesh Enterprises in providing India a feasible, world class construction solutions. A cavernous study of over 100 industries, in 35 different countries we have gained the right expertise and knowledge partnerships in providing world class technologies and services that are economically feasible yet of uncompromising quality.

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We care .....

We have a very Eco friendly focus on all our projects. We are concerned much about the ecological foot prints of the construction industry, which has been one of the major consumer of resources and producer of pollutants around the world. Our machines possess strong compaction capability that ensures usage of not only construction wastes, but also agriculture wastes and textile wastes. By using the ample requirement of powered motors, the consumption of electricity is relatively less, yet enough to achieve a strong compaction that enables lesser consumption of water and cement in concrete for block production. Efficient resource utilisation and sustainability is one of our chief motivations towards introducing construction technologies in India.

Our engineering partners in Europe, with about 50 years of research and manufacturing expertise on thousands of high end concrete block and pipe making machines, have pioneered in the field. Having manufactured and supplied several machines, mixers and components for top machining companies around the world, we ensure to provide the most dynamic solution, understanding the scenarios of markets around the world.

“We do not just sell machines and solutions, but focus on creating a profitable and sustainable business”

With a strong drive in providing machines of uncompromising world-class technology at the best VALUE FOR MONEY, we provide PEERLESS PRICING, like never before in Indian block making machinery field. Our strict customer oriented pricing policy, ensures we do not over-charge spares as value added or restrict its substitution. We co-operate to our client’s flexibility and support achieving their returns early. We tailor make machines as per your requests and your market viability. Our services include consultation and engineering layouts for related industrial establishments like blue metal plants and sand making plants etc.


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