“World Class European Concrete Block Making Machines

Now Made Financially Viable “

i-MATIC offers a range of concrete blocks and pipe making machines of European Technology with international standard components with good returns in Indian market. Our presence of over half a century in the field of construction in India, enabled us in gaining the expertise and knowledge partnerships in providing world class technologies and services that are economically feasible yet uncompromising in quality. With our continuous research dedication, we bring you a service of peerless value for money like never before in the field of Indian concrete block making machinery.

Over 60 Years of presence in Indian construction Industry
European engineering expertise
Machines proven successful in around 50 countries
Tailor made machines and services to suite your needs
Robust machines that promise great feasibility and efficient maintenance
Economic feasibility that offers quick returns and International grade products
ERO I-919 Machine

Our Ero i stationary machine series offers high productivity and great versatility in manufacturing products. It’s high compaction enables use of recyclable products such as debris, agricultural by products and  makes use of many other wastes, going friendly on the environment. We offer a wide range of capacities in the Ero i series, also we ensure tailor made layouts to suit your budget and requirements. These machines combine durable, heavy duty construction with possibility for assembly various concrete product lines – from simple to fully automatized. They have been proven and popular around the world. Thus a long term solution for a dynamic block manufacturer.. block making machines that presents compact and economic way of producing high quality concrete elements. While small and economical this machine packs great performance. Eco series offer production of hollow blocks, chimney blocks, hourdy blocks, insulated blocks, garden blocks, solid blocks, pavers. curbstones, paving stones and many more concrete based products.

Mobile IB-6 Blocks machine

Available in manual and semi-automatic version. Machine can be equipped with hydraulic oil cooler. Vibration system is done with high frequency vibrators [6000 rpm] both on mould and tamper head. Vibration table for producing paving stones can be fitted on machine frame, and also 500 mm max block height (floor production) can be reached in customer request. Hydraulic components are in CETOP standard.

Batching Plants BP 40

From small through medium to big concrete batching plants i-MATIC presents most efficient ways of production of concrete with great results of high quality concrete. Our customers can choose between 15 cubic meters per hour to 120 cubic meters per hour concrete batching plants. Long lasting structures and stable design provides our customers long term profitable investment with no regrets.

Cuber 500

Used for taking dry products blocks from production pallets and pack them on transport (euro) pallets. Next to cuber’s main frame is oil tank with a capacity of 260 liters. The pump and motor are mounted on the top side of the tank. Furthermore there is a return filter, oil level indicator, oil cooler (option) and an oil heater (option) to pre-warm the oil. Maximum pressure is 170 bars.

ERO I-414 Machine

Block/paver making machine Ero i-414 is available in semi-automatic and fully automatic version. Ero i-series machines can produce all types of dense concrete blocks, Hollow, Solid, Lintel and Foundation, paving stones with or without face mix, curbstones and also products used in garden landscaping. Full automatic operation. Touch screen operator panel for working parameter adjusting.Robust frame construction with strong, chromated guide columns.Face mix device for two layer paving stones production.

Silos i traka - obradjena

With this machine You can produce various dimensions of concrete pipes. Transport of finished products is done by mechanical cart equipped with hydraulic cylinder for easy loading. The base filling system consists of 1500l hopper with flap and V-belt conveyor. (Option) Hydraulically powered hopper flap that is filling the conveyor belt with concrete. Conveyor is driven by electric motor with gear motor. Filling system consists of electric controls board with emergency switch.

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