06 Mar 2017

Automatic Cubers Hydra 500

Used for taking dry products blocks from production pallets and pack them on transport (euro) pallets.

Cuber HYDRO 500

Machine frame

Cuber is built from heavy duty square tubing, U profiles and thick sheet metal.

Cuber Hydro 500 Frame

Hydraulic Equipment

Next to cuber’s main frame is oil tank with a capacity of 260 liters. The pump and motor are mounted on the top side of the tank. Furthermore there is a return filter, oil level indicator, oil cooler (option) and an oil heater (option) to pre-warm the oil. Maximum pressure is 170 bars.

Cuber Hydro 500 Hydraulic Equipment

Electric Control

Full automatic control of all cuber functions is done by SIEMENS S7 PLC. It consists of a main board, control panels and input and output junction boxes. All 3-phase wiring, inverters switch and control units are housed in the main board.

Cuber Hydro 500 Electric Control

Movable Part

Movable part is built from heavy duty square tubing and U profiles and thick sheet metal. It is driven by electric motor with reducer.

Cuber Hydro 500 Movable Parts

Cuber Technical Data

Width 6070 mm
Length 1790 mm
Height 6670 mm

Electrical Equipment Data

Installed electric power 26 kW

Hydraulic Equipment Data

Hydraulic pump 47 I
Hydraulic tank capacity 260 I