27 Feb 2017

Economic 313 Series

ECONOMIC 313 stationary block making machine used for producing huge variety of concrete elements. As its name applies, Economic 313 is most economical in the class, but not on a quality expense. This machine presents the best start up solution for producing following types of products with very high quality:

  • Hollow blocks
  • Chimney blocks
  • Hourdy blocks
  • Insulated blocks
  • Garden blocks
  • Solid blocks
  • Curbstones
  • Paving stones with or without face mix
Economic 313

Machine Types

Machine Type Pallet size Useful area max Machine weight Block height
Economic 313 1200×550 mm 1100×500 mm 5200 kg 40-330 mm

Product Types

Machine Product Size Face Mix Number of Products / Mould Cycle time/sec Production Capacity 8h/100%
Economic 313 Paving stone 10x20x6 cm Without 20 20 500 m2
Paving stone 10x20x6 cm With 20 24 450 m2
Hollow block 20x20x40 cm   5 30 4800 pieces