28 Feb 2017

Mobile IB 12

Mobile IB 12 movable block machine offers very wide production range of concrete products. It can be used as universal machine as well as special product making machine This multi – purpose block machine can be used for production of

  • Hollow blocks
  • Chimney blocks
  • Hourdy blocks
  • Insulated blocks
  • Garden blocks
  • Solid blocks
  • Curbstones
  • Paving stones with or without face mix
  • vibration plate option or multilayer production
Economic 212

Layers separated by plastic foil or by sand. With its standard safety devices, rigid frame construction that allow heavy duty use, and simplicty of design that reduce maintenance to minimum, this machine is the most economical choice for very wide range of concrete products manufacturers.

Technical Features

  • Block height floor production: 175 -500 mm
  • Block height vibration plate production: 60 – 250 mm
  • Production area: 1240 x 1130 mm
  • Production area for machine with vibration plate: 1240 x 850 mm
  • Production capacity: 13.600 pcs / 8 hours for 20x20x40 cm hollow block type
  • Number of high frequency vibrators: 6 pieces
  • Machine weight with mould and without face mix device: 6.650 kg
  • Machine weight with mould and with face mix device: 7.450 kg