06 Mar 2017


Used for taking dry products blocks from production pallets and pack them on transport (euro) pallets. Dry products are picked up from production pallets with pneumatic clamps, and then lifted with electric drive. Lifting mechanism is fitted on driving device that is moving clamped products to position of euro pallet on slat conveyor. Products are then lowered down and dropped to euro pallet. This cycle is repeated in the number of desired layers of products on euro pallet. Layer number depends on product thickness.

Pneumatic cuber PNE 400

Cuber Frame

Cuber frame

Cuber frame is built from heavy duty square tubing, HEA and U profiles and thick sheet metal.

Cuber Clamping and Driving System

Cuber Clamping system
Cuber driving system

Clamping system is built of heavy duty profiles and thick sheet metal. They are driven by pneumatic cylinders. Driving is done over electrical motor.

Cuber Technical Data

Width 2590 mm
Length 6700 mm
Height 3700 mm
Weight 1100 Kg

Electrical Equipment Data

Installed electric power 6 kW