i-matic confer

i-MATIC confer

i-MATIC Confer is our free knowledge consultation service where you get to discuss with our expertise. Our decades of dedication within the field of construction and aggregate manufacturing by studying over a 100 manufacturing plants world wide, we have acquired some of the best knowledge in the field. We believe in an free open source platform to access our references and contacts around the world in improvising your plans to offer a quality construction solutions in India. This free service is to promote a knowledgeable infrastructural community.

Production advice Advise offered on product suitable for your market, Machines that best suit the size of your market, Production ideas that yield quicker returns.
Sourcing advice Advise and knowledge share on sourcing the most updated  materials and equipment for your projects
Layout support We provide you with plans and layout drawings for your manufacturing plant and advice on the layouts that offer the best economies of scale.
Co-products/ Plants support Our connections and expertise within the field offer you a wide range of solution for all your co-product requirements such as, Mixers, Batching plants, Cranes, DC generators forklifts, trucks and many more.
Financial allocation advice We value your money as much as you do, and promise to offer the best advice on allocating your funds that offer you a better returns
Sustainability support This is one of the services we are most enthusiastic about and have expertise references and experiences. We provide you the knowledge on creating an economical, environment friendly solutions in saving water, manufacturing recycling  products which support you economically at the same time a morale support in creating a sustainable society.
Product Branding Our robust machines ensures in creating quality products that earn yourself a brand image in the market. Yet, we also offer support on designing your brand, packaging and other promotional activities as per your requirement.
Project turnkeys We look forward to every clients profitability and productivity! Once you consult your finance limits and your dream project, everything is left to us until your dream production plant is offered to you to turn the key!

Finance and delivery

Our at-most capable flexibility and support on documentation for financial arrangements is presented to your needs. Our help-desk instantly attends your required documentation for financial needs such as LC, bank documentations, proof etc., arrangements are presented immediately at the time of your need. We promise to deliver the product safe to you at your site, insured. We are prompt and quick in delivering the machine from the port to site, however delays maybe subject to the shipping agent/company. The documentation required for transport within interstates in India shall be discussed with our expertise in i-MATIC CONFER

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