29 Apr 2017



Machine Frame:
Heavy duty structure machine main frame is built from square tubing, U profiles and thick sheet metal.

Splitting Knives:
Splitting knives are made hardox with high durability. Splitting system consists of four knives, one at each side, actuated by hydraulic cylinders.

Concrete Product Transport:
Transport of concrete elements off the machine is done with slat conveyor. Made of square tubing and thick sheet metal. Drive is done over electric motor with reducer.

Safety Features (option):
The machine is protected by safety gates, which when opened will shut down the machine control voltage, and emergency pushbuttons.

Range of utility

Splitting length 600 mm
Splitting height 400 mm

Concrete product splitting machine - Technical Data

Length (including 3.500 mm slat conveyor) 8250 mm
Width 2570 mm
Height 2540 mm
Machine weight with slat conveyor 4000 Kg

Electrical Equipment Data

Installed electric power 13 kW