29 Apr 2017

Surface Washing Plants

Face washing machine for producing paving stones with washed surface.

Per cycle 1 board is washed. It consists of still frame with washing units that are adjustable by height, and board lifting device. One side of pallet is lifted that sufficient water can run off pallet.

Inside the 2 guide rails runs the drive carriage which is equipped with 3 spray bars and one air blower device. Air blowing section is there to force sufficient water to run off pallet and washed products. Carriage is operated by frequency controlled gear motor. The first two spray bars operate with high pressure to wash out the surface of the product. They are mounted on oscillating mechanism to avoid streaking. The third spray bar operates with low pressure to clean the surface.

Face washing machine1

Machine Frame:
Machine frame is built from heavy duty square tubing and thick sheet metal.

Electric Control:
Drive is done over electric motor and reducer.

Safety Features (option):
Face washing machine can be protected by safety gates, which when opened will shut down the machine control voltage, and emergency pushbuttons.

Technical Data

Width 2005 mm
Length 4950 mm
Height 2410 mm
Weight 1500 Kg

Electrical Equipment Data

Installed electric power 10 kW